The Holy Land Experience

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The Holy Land Experience - Orlando Florida  - In concept, The Holy Land Experience™ is an idea whose time has come. It has taken twelve years to move from concept to completion. With great care, each detail of The Holy Land Experience has been made, to the best of our ability, to accurately conform to the Bible and biblical history.  In quality of construction and theme, The Holy Land Experience compares favorably with some of the finest museums found anywhere in America. And in terms of Christ-honoring Christian venues, we believe it sets a new standard.  In purpose, The Holy Land Experience is a world apart. While both fun and exciting for the whole family, its singular purpose is to provide answers to life's most important questions: "Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What is life really all about?"  We would be truly honored to have you visit us at The Holy Land Experience here in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Come join us for the journey of a lifetime.  Wishing you every blessing from the God of creation and redemption.

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    Orlando Holy Land Experience Theme Park


The Holy Land Experience is a living, biblical history museum that takes you 7,000 miles away and 3,000 years back in time to the land of the Bible. Its unique combination of sights, sounds, and tastes stimulate your senses and blend together to create a spectacular, new experience. But above all, beyond the fun and excitement, it is our sincere hope that you will see God and His Word exalted – that you will be encouraged in your search for enduring truth and the ultimate meaning of life. The Holy Land Experience is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered ministry.

  • It's Educational - There are many wonderful things to learn at The Holy Land Experience. From the moment you pass through the gates of our "walled city," you will be immersed in ancient Jerusalem. The structures and exhibits at The Holy Land Experience characterize the style, the architecture, and the settings that existed in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago. The Garden Tomb, the Qumran Dead Sea Caves, the Plaza of the Nations, the Temple of the Great King, the Jerusalem Model, and the Wilderness Tabernacle are intricately detailed, both inside and out, to provide you with a clearer understanding of their biblical significance.

  • It's Inspirational - Imagine entering an exact replica of the Garden Tomb where the body of the Lord Jesus Christ was buried. In reverence, you approach the tomb where He emerged victorious over death. Then, at the grand entrance to the spectacular Plaza of the Nations, walk under a massive archway and behold the gleaming white stone plaza surrounding you with its 30 Roman columns crowned with gold capitals. All of this grandeur majestically frames the imposing Temple of the Great King, the place held in highest reverence among the Jewish people. It is truly a breathtaking representation of the Temple that once stood on hallowed Mount Moriah in first-century Jerusalem. Gathering under this towering 6-story Temple, you will sense the awe-inspiring splendor that the Jewish people experienced as they assembled in this sacred place so many years ago.

  • It's Theatrical  - Our "cast" of dramatists will recount many of the events that transpired during this pivotal period of human history. Brief dramatic presentations throughout the day will be augmented with special music and theatrical events by our staff musicians and special guests. In the Theater of Life, inside the Temple, experience the thrill of a powerfully stirring film, "The Seed of Promise," produced on location in the Holy Land. It depicts the wonderful plan of God's redemption. Inside the Wilderness Tabernacle, join other guests on a remarkable high-tech, multimedia exploration of Israel's ancient priesthood, which points to Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. Additionally, the authentically designed Oasis Palms Café offers a tasty Middle-Eastern meal to add flavor to your experience.

  • It's Historical - The Scriptorium: Center for Biblical Antiquities is one of the most soul-stirring and unique facilities of its kind in the world. This 18,000 square-foot museum, built in fourth-century Byzantine architectural style, houses the finest private collection of authentic biblical artifacts in the world. Inside, artifacts written in ancient cuneiform, scrolls, manuscripts, and Bibles – many of which are extremely rare or the only known copy in existence – are available for you to see up close. Each treasured piece is exhibited in the historical and geographical environment out of which it came. The Scriptorium takes you on a magnificent journey as it exalts God's Word and charts its preservation throughout history.