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Arabian Nights Dinner Show

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Arabian Nights Dinner Show

Arabian Nights - Orlando Florida Arabian Nights is a dinner show that brings a fairy tale to life on horseback. Beautiful horses from around the world are showcased in the world's largest indoor equestrian arena. The Palace of Horses is the only one of its kind on the map, and is the central stage for a dramatic and touching story of love. The guests of Arabian Nights are invited to celebrate the wedding of a Prince and Princess. The Prince is able to summon the magical power of The Black Stallion (Walter Farley's legendary star in print and movies). The Black Stallion's power must be used when the wedding is threatened by an uninvited guest. The wedding festivities are filled with many adventures and surprises - all portrayed with horses.

The guests of the Sultan include: Gypsies with powerful draft horses, Arabian horses with mounted Bedouins, a unicorn, a frightening villain horse with glowing eyes, and a painted Native American reining horse. The majestic display of breathtaking horses and colorful costumes combine to create a celebration of the relationship between horses and riders that has marked human history. Arabian Nights is a production that allows guests to see a wide variety of equine entertainment - from Dancing Horses of the Desert to a Square Dance on horseback.

The show captures your attention from the moment The Black Stallion enters the palace to the climactic conclusion of the tale. The "Palace of Horses" gives visitors an unforgettable gift - the gift of the beauty of horses integrated with the latest technology in special effects, sound, and lighting. Voted #1 dinner show, Arabian Nights has created its own niche, a unique venue that is incomparable to any attraction in the Orlando area. Some past awards include: 1995 Odyssey Award, 2001 Best Romantic Restaurant, 1999 Golden Palm Award, 1999 Florida Living Magazine, Best Dinner Show, and more.

Enjoy a magical feast catered to your every whim  by Arabian Nights cast members. Whet your appetite with a upscale feast including heaping mounds of Black Angus Chopped Sirloin in gravy, New York Strip Steak, Grilled Chicken Breast, fresh garden salad and Chicken Tenders for Children. Finish your enchanted meal with a Chef's choice dessert with unlimited beverages. 


Arabian Nights Dinner Show

Modern Andalusian - the descendant of the Spanish horse which, along with the Arabian and the Barb, has exerted the greatest influence on the world horse population. The Andalusian is a horse of great presence, and although not fast, it is agile and athletic. It has a noble head, with a characteristic hawk-like profile, and the mane and tail are long, luxuriant, and frequently wavy. The Andalusian performs in various acts at Orlando's #1 dinner show - Arabian Nights.

Appaloosa - one of the most unique and colorful of all breeds of horses. They are noted for their spots in contrasting colors, either over their entire bodies in a variety known as a Leopard Appaloosa, or in the distinctive blanket on their hips, where a dark Appaloosa will have a white blanket with dark spots on it. The "Appy" is a tough, athletic and versatile horse. At Arabian Nights, they are used primarily in western events, such as our tribute to the Native Americans and Gaylord Maynardís famous sidekick, Chief Bearpaw.

The Arabian Horse - considered the fountainhead of all the world's breeds and is acknowledged as the principal foundation of the Thoroughbred. It is of the purest descent and is the most ancient of all the equine races. The Arabian horse is the most beautiful of all, at once unmistakable and unforgettable in appearance. Today the Arabian is bred extensively throughout the world, with the United States probably having the largest Arabian horse population. The Arabian horse performs at Arabian Nights in acts such as "The Dancing Horses of the Desert" as well as many other acts



The Black Stallion - In 1988, The Black Stallion entered live theater at Arabian Nights, becoming the only fictional character to star in print, film and theater. The Farleys have remained closely associated with Arabian Nights. In 1999, the Black Stallion Literacy Project was born and has now reached more than 100,000 first and fourth graders in across America. At Arabian Nights, we are proud and honored to be the only venue authorized to represent this magical horse in a live show, and to be the home of The Black Stallion Literacy Project

The attractive Percheron - an elegant horse owing much to Arabian blood, is one of the most popular heavy breeds. The Percheron, much appreciated because of its lack of feathering was exported extensively to Canada and the USA. Originating in the limestone region of La Perche, Normandy, the Percheron has filled many roles: warhorse, coach horse, farmhorse, and has even been used under saddle. The breed is hardy, versatile, and very even-tempered. The Percheron is used at Arabian Nights in acts such as "Gypsy" and does the daring act where a performer on bareback jumps through a fire hoop.

Quarter Horse - the first all-American breed, is claimed to be "the most popular horse in the world." Its foundation was English horses, imported to Virginia about 1611, and Spanish stock, brought to America in the previous century. It is used for every sort of work: farming, hauling, working cattle, in harness and under saddle. The settlers raced them over stretches of about a quarter of a mile, hence the name Quarter Horse, from the horse's ability to sprint faster than any other breed over this distance. The Quarter Horse performs at Arabian Nights in acts such as "Square Dance", "Chariot Racing" and other acts.