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Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show

Call 407-396-7508 or 866-966-7508 to order your tickets

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuth's Mystery Dinner - Orlando Florida  -  Bring your investigative skills, your appetite, and be prepared to laugh your way through the evening at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, Orlando, Florida.  You'll be kept on the edge of your seat as you enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. Our nightly performances feature one of our eleven original comedy mysteries!  Join us in one of our three intimate and climate-controlled theatres as you mingle with outrageous characters. Watch out, you might be chosen for a cameo role in the show!  All shows are 2-1/2 hours of scripted mystery, improvisation and audience participation. Watch for anything suspicious, interrogate the suspects Sleuths Mystery Dinner Tickets and help us solve the crime!

Orlando Sleuth's Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Our Eleven Different Shows

  • Mansfiled's Fox Hunt Banquet
  • Kim and Scott Tie the Knot
  • Squires Inn
  • G.K's 80th Birthday
  • Roast 'Em &  Toast 'Em
  • The Premiere
  • The Show Must Go On
  • The Reunion
  • The Family Tree
  • Joshua's Demise
  • Celestrial Manor

Lord Mansfield's Foxhunt BanquetLord Mansfield's Fox Hunt Banquet - You are the nobility and have been invited to Lord Mansfield’s annual fox hunt banquet. You enter Mansfield’s Mansion and are greeted by Jeffries, the butler. He, the epitome of solicitousness and decorum, ushers you into an elaborate dining room where a boisterous maid is serving up hors d’oeuvres. Gypsies are preparing a feast and Lord Mansfield is concocting a potent home brew in the kitchen. Thievery, debauchery, and magic occur as one of the characters meets an inevitable fate. Solving this crime will be a challenge for the entire family.



Kim and Scott Tie the KnotKim and Scott  Tie the Knot - Kim and Scott are getting married. Serious questions arise: Did Kim murder her first husband? Has Scott been trading computer software secrets for precious gems? Relatives try to protect Scott from each other in this fun-filled spoof of an Italian wedding gone wrong.



Squires InnSquires Inn  - You have been touring northwest England, but your bus has broken down and you find yourself in Clifton, a quaint country village. The Squires Inn welcomes you and offers you a meal and lodging. The overly solicitous proprietor will do anything to keep you there. Be prepared for the unexpected. Your tour guide discovers a close relative in the Inn. An old pensioner has been hiding a treasure that once belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots. The offbeat antics will have you dying of laughter. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Tickets



G. K.'s 80th BirthdayG.K.'s 80th Birthday - Gerald Keenan’s friends and family have been invited to his 80th birthday party.  He informs them that he intends to change his will.  However, someone has other ideas.  Mingle with Nurse Faber, Mr. Chen, and Mr. Keenan’s relatives, watch for anything suspicious, and then interrogate these outrageous characters to gather clues.  Help us find out who made G.K.’s 80th birthday his last.



Roast 'Em & toast 'EmRoast 'Em & Toast 'Em - Meet Arty, a fun-loving entrepreneur, who secures famous celebrities for speaking engagements around the world. As head of the illustrious Celebrity Elite Agency, he and his zany crew are throwing a roast for Margaret Petrovich, infamous wife of Slovaria’s Premiere. What is Margaret’s true agenda? Help Police Sgt. Pruitt solve a crime that may be one of passion or perhaps international intrigue.



The PremiereThe Premiere - You are invited to the opening night celebration of a fantastic new cinematic production. Well, at least Jeremy, the director of this B-movie, believes that it is magnificent. There is a lot of pressure on Jeremy for this film to be successful. Oil tycoon Henry Beaumont has invested millions into this film in hopes that his niece Nicki will become famous actress. Watch for celebrities at this movie extravaganza, but also watch for clues because someone will commit a horrible crime. Who could be the criminal? Jeremy? Henry? Nicki? Bert? Or maybe Madame Gilda, “Psychic to the Stars”?



The Show Must Go OnThe Show Must Go On - Auditions are being held for an international touring company. The production attracts both veteran performers and young hopefuls, and the company’s outrageous director must decide who will be part of this colorful revue. To complicate matters, the producer and the owner both want to flex their muscles. This show within a show climaxes with a murder and the director’s decision to cover it up.Sleuths Mystery Dinner Tickets


The ReunionThe Reunion - Your attendance at an alumni reunion for Luray Academy is direly requested. It is extremely important! The survival of the liberal arts college is at risk. One of the graduates, Lilah Beauregard, wants to bulldoze the college and set up condos. She must be stopped! Organizers of this class reunion are planning a gala affair to raise money in defense of the school. However, the evening does not go as planned. The band that is scheduled to perform is jailed, secret relationships are revealed, lies come to the surface, and ultimately the event ends in murder. Come help save the Academy and find out if Lilah’s loathsome plan is averted.


The Familyu TreeThe Family Tree - You are invited to Surrey, England for a gathering of long lost relatives of the largest family tree. Doctor Osgood Merryweather will be your host. Many unusual discoveries will unfold including altered genetics. Equally amazing is his collection of exotic animals. Be careful what you ask, because there are unmentionable secrets that the family guards. You will be captivated by revelations of this unique collection of people as they become part of your family, too!



Joshua's DeminseJoshua's Demise - You have been invited to a memorial service for Joshua Langden who mysteriously “passed over” last year. In attendance is his widow Trish, brother Brett, cousin Charlotte, and mother Liza, who is accompanied by her faithful Indian sage, Mapewi. Liza is convinced that Joshua’s death was not an accident and she has arranged to speak with Joshua from beyond. What will Joshua reveal?Sleuths Mystery Dinner Tickets 



Celestial ManorCelestial Manor - Sleuths’ newest show is set in the English countryside where “visitors” once left “signs” etched upon the fields. Wheat grown on them has been used in making Celestial Cookies. For over 100 years, prominent people have visited the Manor including Gandhi, Einstein, Freud, and Cher. They are drawn to the otherworldly cookies, as well as the Manor’s many amenities including a world-class salon where you can get a killer cut. Alfonzo, stylist extraordinaire, and proprietors Marion and Oliver are very protective of the Manor’s many secrets. Add the lovely Katrina and the not-so-lovely Constable into the mix and you will find yourself in one of Sleuths’ most outrageous mysteries.



The Menu:

  • Fresh greens salad
  • Assorted crackers and our signature cheese spread
  • Dinner rolls with butter
  • Hot and cold hors d'oeuvres
  • Honey-glazed Cornish game hen
  • Prime rib dinner ($3.00 extra + tax)
  • Three cheese lasagna (with or without meatballs, your choice)
  • Michelob, California Blush wine, California Chablis wine, California Red Table wine
  • Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Iced Tea, Coffee, Tea


DIRECTIONS FROM EAST I-4 (Downtown Orlando, Daytona):
Take Interstate-4 West to Exit 75A ( Exits to the left ), Get Into the far right-hand lane, turn Right at International Dr,  turn Left at Universal Blvd, .Sleuths is 1/2 mile on the right in Republic Square Plaza

DIRECTIONS FROM WEST I-4  ( Disney, Tampa )
Take Interstate-4 East to Exit 75A, at top of ramp turn Right at light onto Universal Blvd, Go straight through two lights, Sleuths is on your Right in the Republic Square Plaza


Sleuths is located at 7508 Universal Blvd. Orlando, Florida
We are near all major Orlando tourist attractions, 1/2 mile from Universal Studios Escape,Less than 1/2 mile from Wet 'n Wild, 10 miles from Walt Disney World, 3 miles from Sea World
2 miles from the OC Convention Center